Seven Known "T" Code Convertibles

Tag Code Description Scott Andy Bob Brian Alex Mine Greg
PM27 P=Plymouth, M=Medium price class, 27=Convertible              
T0D T=440 350 Hp, 0=1970 Model year, D=Belvidere plant              
Serial Number 1268-- 1304-- 1402-- 1404-- 1408-- 1426-- 1534--
  Scheduled Build Date 917 920 A17 A17 A20 A22 B06
     Decoded date 17-Sep 20-Sep 17-Oct 17-Oct 20-Oct 22-Oct 6-Nov
  Order number 071610 112906 039631 114839 009789 C14430 Q06178
A01 Light Package              
A04 Basic (Radio) Group              
A35 HD Trailer towing package              
B41 Front Disc Brakes w/standard 10" RR Drum              
C16 Console w/woodgrain panel              
C21 Center Front Seat Cushion              
C55 Bucket Seats              
D32 HD A-727 Torqueflite              
E85 440ci 4bbl 8 cyl 350 h.p.              
F13 60 Amp Alternator              
G11 Tinted Glass All              
G31 OS RH Manual Standard Mirror              
H51 Air Conditioning - Single - with Heater              
H53 Air Conditioning - Single - Auto Temp              
L31 Hood Mounted Turn Signal Indicators              
M31 Body belt moulding              
M81 Bumper Guards - Front              
M85 Bumper Guards - Front & Rear              
N88 Automatic Speed Control              
P31 Power Windows              
P41 Power Door Locks              
P45 Power Deck Release              
R11 Radio - AM Music Master (2 Watts)              
R22 Radio - AM with 8-track (10 Watts)              
R35 Radio - AM/FM Multiplex Stereo (10 Watts)              
S62 Tilt Steering Column              
V01 Single Body Color              
EB5 Body Color - Blue Fire Metallic              
EF8 Body Color - Ivy Green Metallic              
ER6 Body Color - Scorch Red              
FK5 Body Color - Deep Burnt Orange Poly              
TX9 Body Color - Black              
V3W Convertible Top - White              
V3X Convertible Top - Black              
V5B Vinyl Side Molding - Blue              
V5X Vinyl Side Molding - Black              
V5F Vinyl Side Molding - Green              
TX9 Upper Door Frame - Black              
EB5 Upper Door Frame - Medium Blue              
EF8 Upper Door Frame - Dark Green              
M4F8 Interior Code - medium, split bench in vinyl, center armrest, trim Green              
M4XA Interior Code - medium, split bench in vinyl, center armrest, trim Charcoal              
M6B3 Interior Code - medium, buckets in vinyl, trim light blue              
M6XA Interior Code - deluxe, buckets in vinyl, trim Charcoal              
Y05 Built to US Specs              
Y14 Sold Car              
26 26" Radiator              
END End of Tag