Paint Codes

Body Paint Chips

Paint Chips

Chassis Painting Guide

BC = Body color
GB = Gloss black
CI = Cast iron gray
N = Natural steel or aluminum
SB = Semi-gloss black
MP = Manganese phosphate
CC = Color code

Front unibody subframe assembly BC
Inner Fenders BC
Firewall BC
Core Support BC - 1970 Fury radiator core supports were body color on the engine side and semi-gloss black on the grille side.

Transmission Components
Transmission N/CC
Driveshaft N/CC
Transmission and driveshaft yoke N/CC
Differential housing SB
Clutch linkage N

Brake Components
Brake Drums SB/N
Disc brake shields N
Calipers CI
Master cylinder GB or CI

Axle and Suspension Components
Axles N/CC
Third member SB
Upper control arms 30% GB
Lower control arms 30% GB
Inner and outer tie rods N/CC
Tie rod adjustment sleeve SB
Center link MP/CC
Idler arm, bracket CI/CC
Strut rods CI/CC
Torsion bars 30% GB/CI/CC
Shocks SB/CC
Rear end U-bolts N/CC
Rear leaf springs N/SB/CC
Backing plates 30% GB
Spindles CI/CC
Anti-sway bars N/CC

Steering Components
Pitman arm CI/CC
Steering box N/CC

Exhaust Systems
Muffler hangers and clamps N
Exhaust system and mufflers N

Gas Tank Components
Gas tank N
Gas tank straps N/30%GB
Gas and brake lines N