Trunk, Doors, Exhaust and Tires

Paint and mount trunk

Primer and red color coats already on the car are roughly 14 years old and should be replaced. Primer sections mut be worked over with a long board and will require multiple guide coats to achieve a flat surface with sharp edge detail. Color sections, although appearing finihed, must be replaced otherwise we risk have two different paint systems with different aging characteristics and having color matching issues. So sand everything and repaint.

Start the process of long boarding, guide coating and wiping with degreaser until the surface is mirror flat.

Everything looks better red!

Looks even better with a few coats of clear!

Off to C & L Repair in Athol!

Another of Paul's long time friends, Stan Holecek is the Service Manager at family owned C & L Repair in Athol. Stan will build a custom exhaust, source and install new tires as well as later on give the Fury a proper old school front end alignment.

Paul installed the trunk lid and readied the car for a trailer trip into Athol to visit Stan. Once the car is on Stan's hoist, Paul will have the 45 year old rubber removed and then he will bring the rims back to his shop for a dose of Paul magic. Then back to the car at Stan's where they will get new rubber on five rims!

Paul works on the rims while the Fury gets an exhaust system.

After washing the rims look to be in surprizing good condition considering they sat outdoors in the weather for 36 years. Credit probably should go to Max, my late black labrador retriever, who dutifully gave them a daily wash down for about fourteen years.

I'm told dogs use Piddle the way people use Twitter so I guess Max had his own web page eh!

Polish the chrome and repaint the black.

As you probably noticed, I'm short a wheel. Well some where in a barn east of Calgary sits one of my rims. I have a complete set of centers and trim rings. Shortly after these wheels were done I managed to buy a bare rim from a local C-Body DryDock member - thanks Peter, I owe you.

The trim rings sure don't look like they sat in the weather for 36 years. Ma Mopar used real metal, no recycled pop cans in this car!

Exhaust System!

Not having visited C & L Repair, I was operating completely upon Paul's recommendation that Stan would do a great job. It helped knowing Stan also built Gary's system for is '66 Windsor. However, all my fears dissipated when I saw shop towels on the hoist pads to protect my paint. This is my kind of craftsman!!

Paul and I decided early on, my engine build is mild enough so little but clearance and heat problems would be gained if we used headers. Once committed to HP manifolds, we decided a dual 2.5" "H" crossover design was what would work best. I also wanted the system to have a nice rumble, not too loud, unless I stand on it. A bonus would be minimal resonation inside the car, a tall order for a convertible, but I think we achieved it.

Hopefully the pictures will tell the story!

"T" bar just cleared
"T" bar just cleared

The piping, the bends, the welds, the hangers all have exceeded my expectations.

Great job!!

Back to the shop with fancy new pipes and boots!

Paint the doors

Start long boarding the old primer and hope it's reasonably flat.

The surfaces are fair so a cycle or two of guide coat and boarding is needed to make them perfect.

Don't forget the other side..

Prime everything again and continue with the long board.

Final long board, the surfaces are flat!

Color makes all the work worth while!



Paul masked the VIN tag on the door post while he shot primer and color coats. The masking was removed before the clear coat so the tag it now absolutely protected. A very clean and professional job.

The devil is in the details

Hang and dress the doors

Key locks
Latch mechanisms
Door manual locks

Driver side
Interior door handle mechanisms
Passenger side

Handles were rechromed

A pair of NOS mirrors.

Restore Front Window Lifts

Driver and Passenger vent window assemblies.

Driver and Passenger window lift mechanism.

Motor drive bushings are toast.

Using Gas hose and brake line make six bushings, three for each front window.
Trim to fit flush.
Done deal

Front door window mechanisms ready to go back into the doors.

Rear Quarter Window Lifts

Driver rear
Side view
Flipped over

Passenger rear
Side view
Flipped over

Take everything apart

Driver side
Driver side disassembled
Drive side motor ready for disassembly.

Start breaking down the passenger side rear mechanism for cleaning and restoration.
Remove rear section
Seperate side rails

Make new rear quarter glass guide bushings

Get everything ready to go back in the car.

Driver side as removed
Much cleaner
Note the rear motors do not use the wedges, they have springs.

Porn time!

Great door and glass alignment!

Door ends are beautifully finished!

After opening and closing the doors a few times, Paul has informed me that dynaliner will be added to make them close with a nice solid thump like a Rolls!

Happy Drunk

How about that - its starting to look like my car again!