Rear Bumper to the Firewall

Rear Bumper

No crumple crap here, you hit me, you're gonna feel it!
Lights On
Lights Off

More car porn!

Under Dash Speakers



Brake Lines

Rugs and Console

Windshield Glass

Rebuild Rear Seat Back

Very broken and brittle plastic vanity panel patched together with aluminum tape.
The side that shows.
Use the seat back to get the panel as straight as possible.

Coat with fibreglass resin and sprinkle some fibreglass thread to give it extra strength.
More is better! Bet it never cracks again!
When set, trim and glue on some thin black carpet to make it beautiful.

Amazing job Paul!

Rear Seat Back and Speaker Grill

Note the little moon shaped plates Paul madew to join the speakers in the center. Doesn't need to be strong, just stiff enought to stop the speakers from flopping around.

Rear seat speaker grill gets a little paint and some chrome polishing.

Mount the speaker frame to the rear of the grill.

Attach the completed speaker assembly to the seat.

Front Seat Belts

Driver and passenger outboard retractors

Very nicely installed!

Another view.

Repair Steering Wheel

Many splits and cracks need repair.

Fill with flexible epoxy putty and then sand to remove any scratch marks.

Spray with SEM Black and Clear coat.

Installed, ready for the road!

Things start to fly!

Paul keeps adding parts and making connections. It's amazing just how many little things need to be cleaned and reinstalled. It's the details that count and Paul is very good with the details.
The roof has returned and trunk weather strip is almost done.
Heater looks ready to go.

We have seats!

Hard to believe the original rear seat has survived 45 years with essentially zero wear and tear. The front buckets were not so fortunate but I was able to find enought OEM material to have them recovered. I'm very pleased the front and rear match exactly in grain and color.

I left the metal medalions off the buckets, I got tired of burning my back when the hot summer sun turned them into little branding irons.

Paul didn't like the look of exposed seat adjustment rails, so they got mini-skirts.

Door handles nicely rechromed
Driver side rear shock
Passenger side

My Christmas Present from Paul!

Driver side panel protects the inside of the rear quarter panel from loose items in the trunk sliding around.
A vanity panel for the roof well makes the trunk look much more civilized.
Fancy spare cover and another side panel completes the passenger side.

Paul's creativity and workmanship is off the charts. Simply amazing.

Thank's Paul, I love it!!