Put the wheels back on

Install the rear fender extensions.

Polish the trim.

Polish and install stainless and aluminum trim.

Protect the new paint!!
Roof well surround.

Wheel Opening Moldings

The rotisory made this job a lot easier!

Belt Molding. The black vinyl center was rotten, Paul found a replacement made by 3M.

Amazing what just a little chrome does to dress everything up!

With the shell rotated upside down, drop in the gas tank.

Experienced gas tank!

Tank vent line routing in trunk.
Instead of a normal mat between the tank top and the trunk, Paul used strips of DynaMat left over from Gary's Windsor. Thank's Gary!

See what you can do with 45 year old rusty parts.
Nice view showing fuel line connection to the sender and the two tank vents.

Sound proofing

Paul decided to replace the old factory firewall padding with DynaLiner. We discussed covering the floor as well, but concluded a quiet convertible just isn't going to happen.
Besides, road and wind noise is half the fun of driving a drop top!

Emergency Brake

Dress up the foot pedals!

A few years prior, I ran across some well used pedals in Seatle. I bought them hoping the chrome was usable and would work on my car. Fury III's didn't rate such fancy stuff! Paul polished everything and only found one bad spot, the lower right corner of the brake pedal was worn right through. Looks just fine to my eye!

Install more small parts

Door striker hardware on the lock pillar.
Wiper motor
Cowl screen

Time to re-attach the front clip

Round up all the nuts and bolts for cleaning and a little paint.

Position the front clip at the rear of the shop under the A-Frame
In the paint shop, switch rotisory wheels from floor casters road wheels.
Roll the shell to the other shop, place it under the A-Frame and use the chain fall to support the front.

Remove the front half of the rotistory.
Roll the shell up to the front clip.
Attach firewall connections and the frame bolts.

Re-attach the rear wheels

Rear assembly ready to install
Reconfigure rotisory stand to get the rear end high enough to clear the wheels.
Looks high enough.

Roll into position, then remove the wheels and use the floor jack to position the front shackle.
Attach front shackles then the rear.
Whoopee!! - we've got ourselves a roller!

Time for a beer and a little car porn!

Touch of Canada - eh!!

Damn, I'm starting to get turned on!!