Photograph and Tear Down

Welcome to Athol Idaho!

I was warned to be very careful how I pronounce the name Athol, especially at the border when asked my destination!

First order of business, get her unloaded. Gary parked his trailer on a slight grade so that the Fury would roll back slowly enough for the as yet untested brakes. Paul manned the brakes and steering, Gary disconnected the tie downs and directed Paul, while I was the deligated sidewalk superindant.

A short You-Tube video (opens in a new window)

Time to roll her out!
Gary and I very happy to have made it without incident.
I installed her "eyes" before the trip so she could see where she was going. LOL

Paul did aphoto survey to show how everything looked upon arrival. He will also use these pictures for reference during re-assembly.

Tear Down

Paul's approach is to render the car into little bits and pieces. Then he starts cleaning and restoring the greasy parts into bolt on sub-assemblies. For example he will pull the front clip, and then rebuild the attached steering, suspension, brakes, engine and transmission. The end result is the front clip mounted on wheels and ready to be re-attached to the body. The same process is used for the rear end complete with springs. When these two assemblies are complete Paul switches into painting mode.

So everything got removed and carefully stacked on his "parts" shelves. The complete interior is removed, seats, rugs, dash, everything that has a bolt. He hesitated with the top, but he weakened to remove not onlt the top but all the glass, including the windshield. Turns out I think Paul had an ulterior motive; he wanted the body off the floor bolted to his rotisserie. I had to agree, working on the floor sucks and trying to long board a car is hard enough with out being bent over all day. In the end this was the best approach.

Hood hinge placement is critical. Paul will drill small "guide pin" holes to use during re-assembly.
First shoot some reference pictures

Parts start to line the walls

Front clip looking bare.

Pull Dash
Unplug everything
Remove front clip bolts.

All the glass is gone.
Master cylinder was mounted on a tempory post just before the clip was removed.

Pull rest of power train and mount the body shell on the rotisserie
Paul is pondering top removal.
The next you see the shell it will be topless!.