Going to Idaho

Yet Another Bend in the Road

My youngest daughter owned her house, but was actively looking to either upgrade her house or find a good investment property. She and Sue spent most of 2012 running all over the city looking at properties. My interest was zero, we bought our house in 1975 and after 37 years finally had everything the way we wanted it, or so I thought. The ladies, from time to time, dragged me out to pass judgement upon the latest gem they had discovered. December 2012 passed, we survived Christmas and New Years and it was now 2013.

Im not particularly superstitious; although I may have I inherited a little from my late father who was very superstitious - especially concerning the number thirteen. I remember a family dinner when I was about 10 years old. Everyone had gathered for dinner and when Dad sat down he discovered thirteen people sitting around the table. He immediately went out the front door, stopped the first person he met on the street and dragged them in kicking and screaming. We now had a head count of fourteen and Dad was happy. I often wondered what that guy thought!

Anyways, Tuesday January 1st passed peacefully and Wednesday the 2nd was almost over before the ladies call me out for yet another house viewing. The house was nice, lots of custom features, a great mountain view and an awesome three car garage. It was too much house for my daughter and I was wondering why she was looking at it. Thursday they dragged me out again to look at a couple more similar houses in the same general area and it finally dawned on me that it wasnt my daughter shopping houses, it was my wife! Friday we wrote an offer and it was a done deal by mid-night.

Saturday Jan 5th found me sitting by myself, the ladies having packed up and left for a week in Mexico. It was starting to sink in, I had four months to round up all my car parts and get them catalogued. Occupancy on the new house was Mar 1st giving only 2 months to sort out and pack a house containing 37 years of accumulated stuff. To top it all off, the ladies announced, before listing the house for sale. they would start renovating a few things starting next week. Oh joy!

A few things included the removal of a lot of wallpaper installed in the 70s, stripping 70s style tile from bathrooms, removing rugs and installing laminate floors. Armed with a 12 diamond saw for tile and a 10 compound mitre saw for flooring, the girls became fearless "Jills of all trades" while I hid in the garage and basement packing my goodies.

Come occupancy day the geography of the situation doubled, boxes were everywhere in both houses, most labelled but few where they were supposed be. For some reason many only made it as far as the garage and my beautiful three car man cave was so full it was difficult to even walk through it. Definitely not how I had envisioned it. The Fury and the piles of parts are still in the old house garage not even close to being ready to go. Im beat already, the ladies are up to their ears in everything and nobody is talking to anyone.

By the end of April, the furniture and household stuff has made the move, the old house is on the market, the ladies are still fine tuning and Ive managed to get all the Fury stuff accumulated, documented and boxed. Gary has decided to load the trailer May 11th so we are finally good to go!

May 6th I managed to fall down the steps between the house and the garage. My left leg and left arm are sore as hell and Im now hobbling around with a damn cane. The steps are only three feet high, but the idiot builder made the rise of each step different and the run way to steep. Then they painted them black. Build new steps are added to the top of my to-do-list. I started to really look forward to 2014, I swear my father was looking down saying I told you so!

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

I figured it was about time to get some insurance in case something happens during the trip down or while Paul is working on it. After a some checking around I settled upon Hagerty. To help establish the car's value I had to send a bunch of pictures to Hagerty, so I thought I'd post a few here to show my "second" starting point.

Wheel dollies are a must if your garage space is cramped.
14 years of dust!
Check the fancy transmission support.

Garage is a little snug.
My Vice Grip door handles have been there for 14 years.

Factory back seat
Recovered front seat matches back very well.
Bumper wall art!

Every where you look, more parts hanging on the walls.
Trunk is filling up - and it's a huge trunk!
After 11 years, my engine has finally come home.

Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures of the parts pile. It included eight plastic totes full of small parts, two bumpers, gas tank, grill and of course the engine block complete with it's furnature dolly. The trunk was full of heavier stuff, heads, manifolds, intakes, carb, starter motor, Alternator, etc. The inside back seat was full of door panels, seat backs, lengths of side chrome, stainless and even a full set of wheel opening moldings. Looking at the parts pile I was beginning to hope that Gary has a really big trailer!

Load her up!

Earlier in the week I had fallen and was hobblng around with a cane, so I was close to useless as a helper. Gary however was great! With his guidance my daughter and I were able to push the car right where he wanted it. Gary's Come-Along got the car up the ramp with many, many cranks on the handle. Thanks again Gary.

Left clears.
Right clears.

C-Body cars are big!
All buttoned up
... the Fury starts a new adventure. Watching her roll by was an emotional experience.