Re-assembly !!

As it turned out, Terry's battles with landlords over the winter left him without a shop. In the spring he packed all his equipment and relocated about 75 miles south of Calgary on an acerage near Granum. This didn't sit to well with me, I really didn't want to drive that far to keep tabs on the project and I was starting to wonder where his next move would take him and all my parts. So I decided to put the whole project in Doug's able hands. Doug's first order of business was to make sure all my parts ended up in Doug's shop and not Granum.
George O'Handley arrived to fetch the Beast out of hibernation and move it to Doug's shop.

I include these photos as a highlight of George's super neat truck. This is, in my opinion, the only way to move a car around - especially after my past experience with Captain Crunch!

Susan and I decided to clean up the door panels and the back seat. We soon discovered the lower section of the back seat had sat in water such that the springs were rusted, the cover was loose and the foam was full of mildew. Having no fear we took the hog rings out and took the seat apart. The seat back on the left shows the "tide line".

The vinyl has a cloth skirt attached around the edges and is used to attach the seat cover to the base with hog rings. The skirt was toast, the vinyl was good so we decided to sew on new material. This didn't look like a home sewing machine job so I talked to Alex at Alpine. In the end we agreed that Alex should do the sewing and reattach the seat cover. The cost of a pair of hog ring pliers and a bunch of rings was higher than Alex's estimate of $25.

First, we removed all the rust and painted it with POR-15. The foam stuffing was in pretty good shape, but it had some mold and didn't smell all that great. Susan put the foam in the bathtub with some bleach to kill the mold and remove the smell. This worked great.

Keep tuned, I'll be adding more progress photo's soon!!

Unfortunately I have a 35mm film camera and it takes me forever to remember to get the film developed.

Christmas is coming, maybe Santa will bring me a digital camera :-))