Known PM27T0D Cars

So what's the big deal about a PM27T0D convertible?

These cars are few and far between, during the 45 years I've owned mine, I have never actually seen another first hand. The 1970 model year marked the end of the convertible and the the average guy on the street became aware we might be heading towards an oil shortage. The crap didnít hit the preverbal fan until 1973 when OAPEC cut oil deliveries.

At the same time insurance companies found themselves paying many claims from people involved in horrific accidents. The lucky ones were injured while bouncing around within the car, the not so lucky rarely survived their trip through the windshield. The insurance industry setup crash testing and a major public awareness campane promoting lap and shoulder belts. By 1970 the first mandatory seat belt use laws were passed and as we know today they had only just got started. The next step was shoulder belts and this was a problem for convertibles, where to mount them? The extra cost won out and convertibles instantly disappeared and didnít reappear for ten years or so when customer demand over rode the extra cost to install shoulder belts.

Anyhow, in 1970 production was limited to 1,952 convertibles, most were equipped with 318 cid engines, fewer were 383 cid and probably less than 20 were delivered with the 440 cid engine. I wrote Chrysler asking for any details and was told all the records were destroyed in a warehouse fire. Over the years I have taken note of any convertibles I cross paths with and always check for those with a 440 cid.

It wasn't until March 2000 that I happened across Andy Posluszny's web page and some pictures of his PM27T0D Fury. I wrote Andy and now I knew there were two of us and we both started searching!

Over the years since then, Andy found Brian Ober and I found two more on eBay. As I documented our finds and published this web site a couple more PM27T0D owners have found me.

The following have been verified using pictures of their VIN and fender tags. Enjoy reading a bit about each one.

Andy Posluszny - Friendswood, Texas

Andy's Web Page

Andy's Fury is almost identical to mine and is the second one I've found with a factory 440. Andy's car also has Automatic Temperature Control A/C which sure would be nice to have in mine! Andy's Fury is definitely not a trailer queen, it gets driven regularly and it even makes a few drag night appearances at the Houston strip - does rather well with a best time of 15.709 @ 87.25 mph on Mar 26, 99

Brian Ober - Lititz, Pennsylvania

"As far as I know, this car is all original. 440 with 727 transmission. A/C. Power windows. Disc brakes. Road wheels." - Brian sent me a bunch of pictures, click on his Fury to see them.

Greg Buhlinger - Cypress CA

The car appeared on eBay twice, Nov 2002 and Dec 2002. The first time the price reached $6,000 but didn't meet the reserve. I'm not sure what the result was the second time it was listed. The seller stated that the engine was a newly rebuilt Super Commando, which if true means the car is no longer numbers matching. Hopefully he just had the factory engine rebuilt and called it a Super Commando to generate some bids.

Bob Wadman - Utah

I discovered this car Aug 2010 on eBay and I contacted the seller asking for a photo of the fender tag and some better quality pictures. Unfortunately he had neither but was able to list the codes which I decoded and added to my Known T0D car table. As you will see after looking at the pictures, the car is in pretty sad condition.

Alex Filipiak - Roseville, Michigan

Alex writes, "The car is in over all nice condition it has some rust and needs to be repainted. The interior is black with power bucket seats and the buddy seat. It has power locks, power windows and a power top. It has a rim blow steering wheel with tilt and cruise control. It also has an AM/FM thumb wheel radio and A/C. The interior can use some mirror work as well. It has a 440 with a 727 trans, and runs great."

Scott O - Montana

Found on eBay, here is what Scott wrote:

This car has been in my family since 1975. My father was the second owner and I am the third. There were only around 1,950 Fury III convertibles made with the 440 Commando engine in 1970. In 1998 I put about $10,000.00 into restoration. I had the engine rebuilt, new top and new carpeting, new tires and rims, and the seats reupholstered. I also had the total outer body stripped down to the metal and repainted. The rear bumper was also re-chromed.

I love driving this car in town and getting the looks. It also has a loud dual exhaust so they will also hear you coming. After restoring the car, I entered it in a local car show and it won best of show. Since restoration, this car has only been driven in the summer months and is garaged the rest of the year. It is only driven on sunny days and rain has never touched the new paint. I tried to keep the car as original as possible.

The dash has all working controls and has AM radio with 8 track deck. My father had speakers mounted in the doors and the stereo is under the dash. As far as I know the original radio and 8 track still work. They were just disconnected. It has delayed headlamps which turn off about 90 seconds after the ignition is turned off. The driver seat is powered and the controls work.

Details- 440 Commando motor with 4 Barrel Carb., Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Bucket Seats (Power Driver Seat), Buddy Seat/Arm Rest, Power Top Controls, Temp Control Air Conditioning, AM/FM CD/Mp3 Player with Remote, 4 Eclipse Speakers, BF Goodrich Tires, 94,358 Original Miles (About 1,000 Miles on Rebuild), Can Seat 6 People, Accident Free and No Rust The $10,000.00 I put into it was my budget limit at the time, and I havenít been able to do anything else to it. I have all the receipts from the restoration

The car was in Arizona for twelve years and resulted in sun damage to the top of the dash. I had a custom dash cover made to hide it. The gear indicator in the dash is missing. The rear view mirror is not the original. The original was mounted in the windshield frame in the center. The seat belts are all functional but the driverís belt is frayed in two spots but still works. There are minor worn areas on the interior side panels. There is a stress crack in the paint on the passenger side on the rear side panel and one chip in the paint on the front passenger side from road debris. The top needs new hydraulics and will go down by pushing the button but needs help in raising it up about halfway. The driver's side taillight is cracked that was sealed and is not noticeable unless you look for it. The A/C works but is out of Freon. With the exception of the paint, all these things were like this when I received the car from my father and I just never got around to fixing them. Engine wise the car is sound and runs great. No leaks and no rust.

Scott's production info is not correct, the 440 Commando engine was never offered, only the standard 350 hp 440 and of the 1,952 convertibles made few had 440 engines. Other than that the car was well described.

As far as I know, Scott sold the car to someone in New York. If you that someone, please send me an email, I'd love to hear from you and get any updates on the car.

If you know of another factory 440 1970 convertible - contact me and I will add it to the site if it can be verified to be a factory PM27T0D car.