A super clean 1966 Chrysler New Yorker.

October 14, 2005

About a year ago I was tinkering in my garage when, Ken McNabb, our mailman stopped to deliver our mail and saw my Fury buried under boxes and junk in my garage. He stopped for a chat about old cars. Ken told me his wifeís grandfather had left him an old Chrysler parked in a Quonset hut in Saskatchewan. He wondered if it was worth doing anything with. We talked it over and I told him that he should keep it if at all possible as it could be worth the effort to restore it. A few months later Ken lost his storage in Saskatchewan and so he aired up the old tires, charged the battery, fired it up and then drove it to Calgary. A new storage spot was found in Calgary, but a little later he told me that he was losing his storage again. Ken told me he was thinking of selling the car. I convinced him to hang on to it if at all possible and to see what would be needed to get plates and maybe drive it as a weekend cruiser. Well he cleaned it up and took it down for a mechanical inspection. It passed without any problems and itís now got plates and insurance. Today during his mail run Ken stopped by and asked if Iíd like to see it. All I can say is wow. I took a bunch of pictures, check this baby out, itís gorgeous!!